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We want to buy your art......

Stevens Fine Art is an active buyer of fine paintings, prints and studio ceramics, either single works or an entire estate. Please feel free to call or email with inquiries. You may send a photo along with artist information, medium and dimensions, either by mail or e-mail, and we will be happy to consider your works for purchase. We pay promptly and keep all inquiries private.

Although Stevens Fine Art is not a certified appraiser, we are always happy to give an informal appraisal to our regular clients for items that fall into our area of expertise.

Please direct questions and send photographs of your art for sale to:

Steve Stoops
Stevens Fine Art
Phone: 602-870-3889

email: steven@stevensfineart.com

Actively seeking works by these artists and others:

Adams, Kenneth (1897-1966)
Avery, Milton (1885-1965)
Applegate, Frank (1881-1939)
Bakos, Josef (1891-1977)
Baumann, Gustave (1881-1975)
Benton, Thomas Hart (1889-1975)
Berninghaus, Oscar (1874-1952)
Bisttram, Emil (1895-1976)
Black, LaVerne Nelson (1887-1938)
Blumenschein, Helen Greene (1909-1989)
Bohrod, Aaron (1907-1992)
Braun, Maurice (1877-1941)
Braught, Ross Eugene (1898-1983)
Brett, Dorothy (1883-1977)
Burr, George Elbert (1859-1939)
Cadmus, Paul (1904-1999)
Cook, Howard Norton (1901-1980)
Covarrubias, Miguel (1902-1957)
Curry, John Steuart (1897-1946)
Dasburg, Andrew (1887-1979)
Dehn, Adolf (1895-1968)
Dixon, Maynard (1875-1946)
Dozier, Otis (1904-1987)
Drewelowe, Eve (1899-1989)
Drewes, Werner (1899-1989)
Eaton, Charles Warren (1857-1937)
Ellis, Fremont (1897-1985)
Gruppe, Emile Albert (1896-1978)
Hartley, Marsden (1877-1943)
Hassam, Childe (1859-1935)
Higgins, Victor (1884-1949)
Imhof, Joseph (1871-1955)
Irvine, Wilson (1869-1936)
Johnson, Frank Tenney (1874-1939)
Jonson, Raymond (1891-1982)

Kent, Rockwell (1882-1971)
Kuniyoshi, Yasuo (1893-1953)
Kloss, Gene (1903-1997)
Lawson, Ernest (1873-1939)
Lauritz, Paul (1899-1985)
Lee, Doris (1905-1983)
Lewis, Martin (1881-1962)
Lockwood, Ward (1894-1963)
Lozowick, Lewis (1892-1973)
Marin, John (1870-1953)
McAfee, Ila Mae (1897-1995)
Moran, Thomas (1837-1926)
Morang, Alfred (1901-1958)
Nash, Willard (1898-1943)
Nordfeldt, B.J.O. (1878-1955)
Payne, Edgar Alwin (1883-1947)
Reed, Doel (1894-1985)
Ribak, Louis (1902-1979)
Sandzen, (Sven) Birger (1871-1954)
Sennhauser, John (1907-1978)
Schleeter, Howard Behling (1903-1976)
Sharp, Joseph Henry (1859-1953)
Sloan, John (1827-1951)
Spruance, Benton (1904-1967)
Steffan, Bernard (1907-1980)
Sternberg, Harry (1904-2002)
Stevens, Will Henry (1881-1949)
Wachtel, Marion Kavanaugh (1870-1954)
Warshawsky, Abel (1883-1962)
Weber, Hugo (1918-1971)
Wengenroth, Stow (1906-1978)
Widforss, Gunnar (1879-1934)
Wood, Grant (1891-1942)
Zorn, Anders (1860-1920)