Jewelry & Silver Indian Jewelry

  • Dennis & Nancy Edaakie

  • Belt Buckle with Duck Inlay

  • Indian Jewelry

  • 2.38 " x 3.25 "
  • Dennis & Nancy Edaakie
    Dennis was born in 1931 in Zuni, New Mexico of the Parrot clan. Nancy was born in 1937 in Zuni, New Mexico of the Frog clan. They are among the "Old Masters" of the Fine Art of stone-to-stone inlay.
    Dennis and Nancy started making jewelry in 1965 and have become known for finely detailed bird imagery on pieces made in the overlay inlay technique. Nancy started out doing some of the inlay details on Dennis's work and now does all of the inlay. Dennis has always done the silverwork on their pieces.
  • $950