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  • Mathilde Schaefer

  • Mathilde Schaefer Modern Studio Pot with Horse Motif

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  • 8.75 " x 10 "
  • Beautiful and whimsical ceramic vase handmade by celebrated artist Mathilde Schaefer, wife of noted Arizona artist Lew Davis. This unusual and rare terra cotta vase with a glazed turquoise interior (and other glazed portions: manes, tails, hooves and eyes), is dated 1949 on the bottom in pencil and marked "Desert Kilns Arizona." Also inscribed in pencil on the bottom: “Merry Christmas from Bill Benton.” We are not certain who the recipient was but the vase was owned and given as a gift by Bill Benton, a Senator from Connecticut who wintered in Arizona. He was a friend of Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s when Arizona and Phoenix in particular had a very active art community.
  • $1,500